OMG it's white 🤩

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Reccomended number of people per bottle:

Mood dependent. We think 1 or 1,5 people maximum.
Reccomended drinking temperature:
6-8 degrees – in emergencies a little warmer.

OMG it's white:

Bone dry, sour and less fruity. This is NOT a description of this wine. We went to elite wine drinkers, we put pressure on them, did interviews, visited them in their villas and took samples from their pool-water. Now we know what they drink. With this wine, we provide luxury to everybody, luxury which was reserved until now by royals, billionaires, presidents and stars. Fruity, drinking flow and an unbelievable silky feeling in your mouth. This is what this wine stands for. To be in good coompany – that’ss your task!

PS: Don´t be surprised if the wine animates you to shout „OH MY GOD“. This is the reasen why we have named the wine as such.


Easy to drink - but hard to share!

Important notice: By ordering you only get the ordered bottles of prosecco. Models, pool and glasses are not included. For these services you have to visit other sites. ;-) Here you get wine that makes your day great again.


Price per liter: 13,32€ | Contains sulfites | Alcohol content: 13%