Big Red BOOM 🧨

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Reccomended number of people per bottle:
Mood dependent. We think 1 or 1,5 people maximum.

Reccomended drinking temperature:
16-18 degrees, in emergencies a little warmer.


After long research, we came to the conclusion that the secret of Greek gods and heroes is clear and right in front of us: Excessive orgies and a lot of tasty red wine. Excessive orgies are not our business-model but we can provide you with really great wine. Weread a lot of history books to find the formula for the heroic and godlike power of grapes – here you are:

C*X^2(A+B)= drinkfun

An explosion of taste for day and night. You are welcome.

Easy to drink - but hard to share!

Important notice: By ordering, you only get the ordered bottles of prosecco. Throne, christmas tree, fairy lights and the glass of the window are not included. For these services you have to visit other sites. ;-) Here you getwine that makes your day great again.


Price per liter: 13,32€ | Contains sulfites | Alcohol content: 13,5%